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Services to Distributors

As a PERFECTION GROUP Promotional Products Distributor, you will save time and money by calling PERFECTION GROUP as early as possible in your promotional assignment. No job is too large or too small. PERFECTION GROUP can provide you with:

  • Sound advice on product selection
  • Creative design services
  • Artwork preparation services
  • Manufacture specification services
  • Quality assurance services
  • Management of the complete acquisition process
  • Global sourcing without stress
  • Internet access to a vast array of product examples including indicative pricing
  • Internet access to your current orders and order history including product specifications and images
  • Business to Business (B2B) Internet access to your account details

Carded Products

The presentation of any promotional item can be greatly enhanced by its packaging. Mounting the item on a card provides the opportunity add impact by way of a printed message, for little, if any, additional cost.

Common examples of carded items include metal pins, fabric pins, key rings, and silicone wristbands. The rear of the card can also be used to enhance the message and provide additional information.

Merchandising Packaging

Effective packaging is essential to the sale of promotional items in a retail context. We will design and manufacture merchandising packaging to suit your client’s requirement, and deliver completed promotional product set, thereby reducing the risk of incompatibility between the promotional item and the display packaging.

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