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Pins and Badges

Pins and badges have wide application, in particular when associated with special events, occasions or campaigns.

Pins and badges are made using metal, plastics, PVC rubber (“soft-i”), fabric (ribbon) or embroidered, and have a variety of pin and clasp options. They are effective for corporate, product or personnel role identity.

High visibility buttons make very effective badges.

PERFECTION GROUP also produces PVC (Soft-i) labels with two or three dimensional images that can be stitched into garments, caps and bags.

Product Identification

You may not be aware that PERFECTION GROUP produces many badges that are used to identify company brand names. For example, we have produced badges for attaching to such diverse items as bags, luggage items, furniture, wine bottles, fireplaces, bed bases, barbeques, machinery and electronic equipment.

Badges can be made in a variety of finishes and supplied and shipped with holes or double-sided tape for easy attachment.

Lapel Pins

A lapel pin instills a feeling of recognition and pride for your client’s employees - an addition to their attire or uniform that can be worn with pride.

PERFECTION GROUP can present your client’s corporate name, logo, or a combination of both, in a wealth of different ways for purposes ranging from recognition of service or achievement to a corporate promotion.

A stamped pin has raised metal borders to define the design and separate the coloured recessed areas that are hand coloured with soft enamel paints. For a glossy look, the pins can be finished with a clear epoxy coating.

For a different, more elegant appearance the recessed areas can be finished with matt texture in Tu-Tone gold or silver with polished raised areas.

The choice of various antique plating finishes is appropriate where images are three dimensional, or where a more subtle definition is required.

Pin and Badge Attachments

PERFECTION GROUP offers three choices of Standard Attachment for pins. They are the butterfly clutch, the brooch pin and the stickpin.

There are many and various Optional Attachments including the spring loaded clutch, the spring loaded clutch & chain and the stickpin protector.

Embroidered Badges

Embroidered Badges are great for advertising or identifying your client’s organisation on shirts, jumpers, bags and caps.

Choose your own unique design, shape and size and have it come to life with up to 6 thread colours (included in the standard price).

An overlocked border is the standard edge used for embroidered badges however unusual shapes may require an embroidered border with a hot knife edge.

Iron -on (heat seal) backing, metallic threads and extra colours are available at an additional cost.

Please contact PERFECTION GROUP to discuss your client’s special requirements.

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