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Key Rings

Key rings suit a vast variety of applications, as a means to communicate identity, be it of a company, a brand, a product, a club, a school, a charitable organisation or other institution.

Key rings can be in non-coloured metal finishes, hand coloured or printed, on one or both sides. They can be premium die cast or quality stamped metal, or made from lightweight PVC rubber (“soft-i”). There is a variety of key ring attachment options.

The key ring is one of the most popular promotional items. The practical nature of a key ring lends itself to being an economical yet functional advertising medium.

The PERFECTION GROUP key ring range includes die cast key rings, stamped key rings, soft-i key rings, printed key rings and leather key rings, along with a variety of finishes, the most common being antique metal finish or colour filled with an epoxy coating. Our flexible PVC key ring range provides an economical alternative to metal.

Understanding the way your client organisation's logo is permitted to be shown is most important in determining the most appropriate choice of material and manufacturing method.

Key Ring Attachments

PERFECTION GROUP offers a number of different key ring attachments. Each will change the look and feel of the key ring in a subtle way.

Typical popular key ring attachments include 'G' ring & chain, split ring & jump ring, split ring & chain, split ring & figure eight connector, and 'G' ring & swivel connector.

Stamped Key Rings

The manufacture of a stamped key ring involves cutting a reverse image into a steel master die and then stamping that image in a press to produce the key ring.

In the case of a coloured key ring, raised metal borders define the design and separate the coloured recessed areas that are hand coloured with soft enamel paints. For a glossy look, the key ring can be finished with a clear epoxy coating.

Silver, brass or copper antique finishes are very popular among PERFECTION GROUP clients. The antique finish gives a more prestigious appearance and highlights the images, particularly in three dimensional designs.

The back of the key ring can also be stamped with a message and consecutively numbered if required. A range of attachments is available to change the look and feel of the key ring.

Soft-i Key Rings

The Soft-i key ring is part of a new and innovative, handmade, product range.
Soft-i key rings are made from strong, flexible PVC. They can be made in any size or shape and are 3 to 4mm thick.

A high degree of detail is achieved through the use of colours and cut lines. This means that your logo or character can be accurately reproduced.

Designs can be enhanced through the use of multi levels or even three dimensional and double sided.

An appropriate message can be printed on the back in scratch resistant ink.
A range of attachments is available. However the split ring with a heavy duty chain is most common.

PERFECTION GROUP pioneered the adoption of the soft-i medium in promotional products in Australia

Printed Key Rings

A printed key ring does not have on it the same manufacturing restrictions that apply to stamped key rings.

Colours, fonts and logos can be more accurately matched without restricting the number of colours.

The back of the key ring can be printed or stamped with a message, and consecutive numbering is also an option.

PERFECTION GROUP lead times for this process are generally shorter and, in some cases, there is no die or plate setup charge.

Leather Key Fobs

Leather key fobs have been a popular item for many years amongst PERFECTION GROUP clients.

A favorite, particularly with car dealerships, leather key fobs offer excellent value for money and the combination of metal and leather is very appealing. The decoration and finishes of the key fob badge are the same as for general metal key rings.

The back of the badge can be consecutively numbered. Commonly, though they have an address and telephone number stamped into the metal.

The leather key fob itself is usually shaped to suit the badge. Most common shapes are square, rectangular, circular or teardrop. The standard leather colours are black, tan or navy.

The attachment is usually a gold or silver split ring at the top.

Die Cast Key Rings

The die casting process allows PERFECTION GROUP to produce designs that are not possible or economical by the stamping method.

Designs that incorporate cut through wording/images or three dimensional logos are best suited to die cast manufacturing. If the thickness of the key ring is an issue then die casting is the answer. A standard stamped key ring is commonly made with a thickness of up to 2mm however 4 to 5mm can be easily achieved through die cast manufacturing.

The back of the key ring can incorporate an additional a message and can be consecutively numbered if required.

Please contact PERFECTION GROUP to discuss your client’s special requirements.

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