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Corporate Jewellery

Corporate jewellery is an appropriate means of recognition of individuals in the context of their contribution to their corporate or institutional community, as a service award or in recognition of participation in a special event.

Jewellery items such as cuff links, tie bars and brooches can be graded in value by use of a variety of metals and precious or synthetic stones. A jewellery item is also useful as part of a uniform.

Award Pins

A jewellery award pin made by PERFECTION GROUP is something to be treasured.

Each pin is hand polished to give the best finish available on a badge; even the edges of the pin are polished. When a colour is required, high quality vitreous enamel is used to give a lasting finish to the piece.

Your choice of base metal, sterling silver or 9 carat gold allows for a variety of price points. The pin can be further enhanced by the addition of a synthetic or natural stone, giving the badge a high intrinsic value as well as a high perceived value.

A jewellery award pin can be used for recognition of years of employment service; to reward high sales achievement; to commemorate a special corporate event or anniversary; or as a high quality addition to a corporate uniform.

Please contact PERFECTION GROUP to discuss your client’s special requirements.

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